My desire to pursue Homeopathic Medicine

My desire to pursue Homeopathic Medicine

March 28, 2015

I have always been fascinated and wanted to pursue a career in a profession that enabled me to help people, such as the field of health care.  From a young age, I recall being interested in reading my mother’s physiology and nursing texts.  In addition, my mother instilled the idea that working in the health care field was very noble and fulfilling. 
My interest in natural therapies began at the age of nineteen.  I became very ill after a course of harsh antibiotics used for treating several urinary tract infections.  Conventional medicine could not diagnose my ailments associated with the use of antibiotics but fortunately my mother had been undergoing various alternative therapies and sent me to a homeopath.  The homeopath prescribed several vitamins, homeopathic remedies and a change in diet.  Gradually, many of the symptoms of Candida were alleviated and were under control as a result of my therapy.  The fact that the treatments were all natural and did not involve the use of chemically derived drugs appealed to me since my illness was initially caused by the overuse of harsh antibiotics.  This was the beginning of my interest and respect for natural therapies such as homeopathic medicine.  Soon afterwards, I began to educate myself about natural therapies and read books and conducted research on the Internet.
My mother has also been a great resource of information herself.  My mother has had various illnesses from migraines to problems with her menstrual cycle.  As a result of her undergoing homeopathic treatment and then sharing her experiences with me, I have been able to learn further about the profession and the remarkable results that homeopathic medicine can produce.  With the knowledge gained from all these resources, I feel confident that I would enjoy and be successful in this field.
I consider myself to be a warm and compassionate person who from an early age has displayed a caring and nurturing attitude and finds fulfillment in helping others.  As was already mentioned, I have always know that working in a field that cares for people would be the best choice when taking into account my abilities and character.   Improving and maintaining my own health and that of my family is high on my agenda and therefore I hope to also use my education for my own personal gain as well.  The aspect of creativity blended with science further adds to my interest in homeopathy.  I would enjoy working with different individuals and discovering which specific remedy or remedies would be best suited to their needs.  This type of work also seems like a challenge because there no two people exactly alike and therefore each person needs a healer that will be diligent and find their true source of aliment and the remedy best suited for them.  I am a person that really enjoys challenges, especially if they are of utmost importance as in the case of dealing with an individual’s health.  In my opinion, the essence of this type of work would seem to almost eliminate the case of boredom and monotony that seems to be a problem with many types of jobs.  I have researched many homeopathic colleges and homeopathy courses, and after careful deliberation truly believe The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine fulfills all of my criteria.  

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