Homeopathy reduces Symptoms of chronic Chikungunya in Haiti

Individualized Homeopathy Reduces Symptoms of Chronic Chikungunya in Haiti: A Pilot Data-Collection Project


Homeopaths Without Borders pilot study (under the direction of Lauren Fox and Joyce Frye) using homeopathy in cases of Chronic Chikungunya, began in March 2015.

There were 4 clinic sites, 3 days of clinic and 171 people reporting symptoms of chronic Chikungunya were seen. Nearly 80% felt better since homeopathic treatment.

HWB volunteer, Shelly Clevidence ND reported in July 2015 “…Many of these people had been suffering with chronic Chikungunya for 6 months of more before treating with homeopathy. Often, their symptoms would begin to resolve within two weeks of taking a homeopathic remedy. They have been able to return to their activities of daily living without severe joint pain Chikungunya had inflicted on them.”

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