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Once upon a time there was a man who had a job sitting on tacks.

He went to his regular doctor. “My rear hurts,” he lamented. “Can you give me something for it?”

The doctor gave him some pain medicine. Over time, the dose gradually increased until the man no longer felt the pain of sitting on the tacks. In fact, he hardly even noticed his job, he was in such a drugged state.

Eventually his doctor died. He went to a new doctor. The new doctor realized that he was causing the problem through his work and said, “I won’t give you pain medicine, you need to quit your job!”

Unable to bring himself to quit, the man wandered the streets in despair. Finally, he entered the office of a homeopath.

“Why don’t you quit?” the homeopath asked.
“I can’t,” the man replied. “They need me, there is no one else who can do the job.”
The homeopath realized that this man’s real problem was his delusion that he must do this work. He gave the man a remedy. “It will cure your sore rear end,” he told the man.
As the man responded to the remedy he changed his outlook. He quit his job and found a new vocation in life.

At the follow-up appointment, the man said “The remedy didn’t work. I had to quit my job.”
“Does your rear end hurt?” the homeopath asked.
“No, of course not!” the man replied.

Although this story is fictional, it accurately contrasts homeopathy and conventional medicine. No one has a job sitting on tacks, but patients often make amazing changes while undergoing homeopathic treatment.
Tomothy R Dooley, ND, MD
@homeopathy_school_in_toronto .

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