Homeopathy helps that Tooth Abscess!

A dental abscess in an inflammation of the surrounding tissues of a tooth, typically the root. A dental abscess typically indicates a bacterial infection and produces pus. The etiology can be multifactorial and may include tooth decay, failed root canal or periodontal disease. This condition should be examined by a dentist as it could indicate an underlying pathology that requires immediate attention. While you’re waiting for your dental appointment, if you have a dental abscess, give one of these remedies a try:

Ars: great debility and production of watery pus with burning pain.

Bell: to be taken at the first sign of an abscess. Red, hot, throbbing and will be painful. The formation of pus will be quick.

Gunpowder: toothache accompanies the abscess.

Hepar-sulph: will hurry the pus formation and will help it discharge and clear. The part is very sensitive with throbbing and sticking pains.

Merc: the pain from the abscess will travel along the jaw or will radiate to the ear. There is excessive saliva and a foul, metallic taste in the mouth. Helps the formation of pus, which is green and thin. Worse night.

Lachesis: when pus is dark and offensive. Parts affected are purple.

Pyrogen: deep and slow to develop. Aches all over the body. Offensive breath.

Silicea: where there is continued suppuration and the wound is not healing. The pus is watery and the process is a sluggish one. Better heat.


Information contained in this article should not be taken as individual medical advice, nor is it intended as a substitute for consulting your medical practitioner and/or healthcare practitioner.                       
Be sure to consult a Licensed Homeopath before starting any new remedy protocol.

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