Homeopathy During Pregnancy and Childbirth


Homeopathy During Pregnancy and Childbirth

September 15, 2015

A Homeopathic Pregnancy and Childbirth Kit is useful for all of the stages of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Some of these remedies are also useful for newborns, babies, and children.  An indepth consultation with a Registered Homeopath will result in a customized pregnancy kit to address existing ailments and also to prepare for potential symptoms that may present while in labour.  Here are a few of the most common remedies included in a Homeopathic pregnancy/labour kit.  Always consult with your homeopath and other healthcare practitioner before beginning homeopathic treatment.    
This remedy is indicated during labour when there is a lot of fear and panic. The woman is very fearful that she will not get through the delivery.  For emotional shock and trauma of the infant after a difficult birth. 
For threatened miscarriage or premature labour after any kind of physical injury, especially a blow to the abdomen.
Always give Arnica to the infant and mother after C-sections, forceps or vaccuum extractions, pitocin-induced labour, if the infant was large, or for difficult labours with bruising.
Indicated for difficulties during labour, afterpains or postpartum infections when there are sudden, violent pains and spasmodic contractions with very quick, bearing down spasms that come and go quickly.
A good remedy for headaches during pregnancy, with throbbing, pounding pain, worse by jarring movement and hot weather.
A good remedy for mastitis when there is a sudden onset with a high fever, and the breasts are very red and inflamed.
Bellis Perennis
Indicated for tears in the perineum or periurethral area after delivery (including episiotomy), helps control the bleeding as well.
Use after perineal lacerations, episiotomy and C-sections to help heal the tissues and prevent infection. Apply the ointment topically and wash with Calendula tincture mixed with water.
One of the most common remedies for nausea during pregnancy. Women needing this remedy have persistent nausea that lasts all day, and nothing relieves the nausea, even vomiting. Take the remedy before rising in the morning as a preventative.
One of the main remedies for postpartum hemorrhage when the woman is faint, gasping for breath, with persistent nausea and bleeding that is worse when lying down.
#1 remedy for turning a breech baby.
Another common remedy for constipation, hemorrhoids and varicose veins. A useful remedy for various problems during labour. The mother is very anxious and worried about the baby. She wants people around to fuss over her, and to comfort and reassure her. She wants cool air, is better walking about, and is not thirsty.
Always consult with a registered Homeopath for dosage and potency reommendations.  Contact us at 416.535.5995 to make an appointment in our student clinic and receive professional, customized care at a reduced rate.  The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine is the only school in Ontario with an on-site student clinic that provides treatment under the supervision of a Registered Homeopath.
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