Homeopathic Treatment of Gout – Case

Homeopathic Treatment of Gout – Case

November 5, 2014

Male, 46, Chief complaint: Gout
Patient came in with regular attacks of gout triggered by extreme stress and alcohol. Had to use prescription drugs to calm his gout. His toes got red, swollen and extremely painful to the point he was not able to function. His stress on the other hand was the result of him feeling hopeless to achieve former success in business and to provide for his children. He used to be a very successful entrepreneur but lost most of his former position is gone. He  still maintains his network of business partners. He has been trying desperately hold on to the old ways of doing business. He had to take sleeping pills every evening to fall asleep – he was thinking about business constantly with anticipating unsuccessful results. He had hypertension, heart palpitations, slight head ache, chronic right shoulder pain, fluctuating energy depending on his mental state and extremely frequent urination in the morning. Occasional digestion problems.
Prescription: Thallium Metallicum 30C once a week, 2x a day one dry dose under the tongue.
Follow up #1 in 4 weeks:
·  Overall feeling of well being improved. He feels more balanced.
·  Gout is still there but there is no redness, no swelling, and a little pain only so he does not have to take the pills.
·  Sleeping improved. Before he had to take a pill now he takes a half a pill 2-3 times a week only. Improved by 50%.
·  His hopelessness is totally gone.
·  His depressive thinking changed the quality. Before he was thinking half empty now it is half full. gets a little worse after 5 days after the remedy. The gets back to improved after the weekly dose.
·  Head ache gone.
·  Right shoulder pain at same intensity but less frequent attacks.
·  Hypertension and palpitation still there but less frequent palpitation attacks. Still on prescription medication.
·  Energy good. Does not fluctuate that much. Improved by 50%.
·  Digestion problems last 2 days of the week. 
·  Urination still frequent but improved by 30%.
·  No fear of not being able to provide for the kids.
Prescription: Morgan Gaertner 30C. To improve his disbiosis.
We are at follow up #5 at the date of publication: 
The remedy frequency for Thallium is 1x month and Morgan Gaertner only occasionally based on the digestion state.
P feels much better overall, no anxiety about providing for children, no issues with his business activities – thinks about them in a positive way, gout has further improved only with very little pain after alcohol consumption and much less frequent. Patient dramatically reduced alcohol consumption. No shoulder pain. No helplessness, no headache. High energy with no fluctuations. Urination problem gone, no bad dreams, no fears. No digestion issues. The only symptom still to address is the hypertension and occasional palpitation. Blood pressure slightly improved from 135/100 with 80 pulse to 130/95 with pulse of 78. P lives his happy life once again and we work on helping him to reach an optimal state of his well being.
Wonderful healing for patient with Gout and recurrent stresses with homeopathy!!

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