Wheezing & Homeopathy

Wheezing: a whistling sound that appears while breathing. It is due to a narrowing of the respiratory pathways. Wheezing is a symptom of a respiratory condition such as asthma, a cold/flu, bronchitis etc.

There are great remedies that can help with wheezing. Please remember that all breathing difficulties should be addressed by a healthcare provider.

Ant-t: a lot of rattling in the chest because of excessive mucous with very little expectoration. Coughing. Sweating.

Ars: worse after midnight. Wheezing occurs during inhalation and there’s a dry cough. Burning pain in airways. The patient is anxious. Worse ‪2am‬.

Bromium: wheezing accompanied by a cough with hoarseness and rattling of mucous. Coldness in the chest.

Ipecac: difficulty breathing with a violent cough. Excessive phlegm in the chest but no expectoration. Coughing causes nausea. Gagging, retching that may lead to vomiting.

Kali-carb: wheezing accompanied by dyspnoea, better leaning forward. Stitching pain in the chest. Dry cough. Retching with futile cough leads to vomiting. Worse ‪3am‬.

Lobelia inflata: constriction in the chest with heavy pressure. Walking about is helpful.

Nat-sulph: wheezing with rattling in the chest worse ‪between 4-5am‬. Worse damp weather. Thick green mucous. Accompanied by diarrhea.

Sambucus: wheezing causes sudden waking due to feeling of suffocation.

Senega: wheezing with rattling mucous where the respiratory pathways feel too narrow. Coughing ends in a sneeze.

Spongia: mucous membranes are dry. Breathing is shallow. A feeling of a plug in the throat. Dry cough. Burning in the chest with a hollow sensation. Barking cough.


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