Homeopathic Journey

“My journey began in June of 2001. After university, I was convinced that I would attend law school to become a voice for the oppressed, a human rights lawyer. But before beginning such endeavours I wanted to spend a year exploring Asia.

On the 23rd day of walking through the Himalayan mountains something went wrong in my lower back, and by the end of the day I could hardly move. I began to discover the connections between emotional and spiritual well being and how these aspects manifest in the physical body. After two weeks of immobility in an Indian hospital and the discovery that a protruding disc was the source of my affliction, I began to search out alternatives to allopathic medicine.

My travelling companion had a homeopathic first aid kit in her backpack, and she treated me to the best of her ability. Within hours I was feeling much better and utterly amazed how well these little “sugar pills” seemed to work. For several months I came across many homeopaths and patients along my travels, and I questioned them incessantly about homeopathy.

Eventually I stumbled upon an excellent and world renowned homeopathic physician in the city of Pune, India. I began treatment with him. He was the first doctor to consider me as a whole person and individual, rather than a set of symptoms. I found someone with understanding and compassion, whom I felt I could trust completely.

I feel western physicians have a lot to learn from this holistic style of healthcare. Through my experience I believe that Homeopathy offers humanity a great tool to be used as an alternative or alongside allopathic and other forms of medicine.”

A.M. OCHM alumnus

@homeopathy_school_in_toronto .

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