Homeopathy for Sticky Eyes

Sticky eyes in babies

This condition is common in babies where there is yellow discharge and crusting. Be sure to clean your babies eyes with a moistened cotton swab several times a day and consider these remedies to help.

Arg-n: then the eye lids and corners of the eye are red and swollen. Kids are agglutinated, discharges are yellow and fouls smelling and eyes are “glued” together.

Calc-c: sticky eyelids in the morning. Baby may seem as though they are suffering from a common cold because eyes are watering.

Puls: agglutination with yellow discharge. Itchy eyes and baby keeps rubbing them.

Borax: when there is agglutination that is worse in the morning

Calc-sulph: when there are discharges that are thick and yellow, there is itching and burning – baby would be crying

Euphrasia: Marked are the burning, itching and redness in the eyes. Thin watery discharges from the eyes.

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