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If you have a few minutes, take the time to read this article. It’s one that makes an inquiring mind take a step back and think of many other possibilities. As homeopaths, the idea that we’re all connected is not a new one…we are particularly connected to those we live with! While we didn’t need a scientific study to validate this, it’s fabulous that this one does.

Consider this: when something is “wrong” with one member of the family, the entire dynamic is affected, we see this in practice ALL the time.

The issue of accountability has been coming up for me a lot lately and this article has me thinking. If medication can so drastically affect the entire ecosystem of a home, what can a person’s mental/emotional state do? The same thing!! Of course!! Let’s take the time to sort through our own “junk” so that our children can thrive…yes?

If you need help sorting your “junk”, give us a ring…that’s what we do best!
Now the article…“Concerning new research out of Princeton University: In essence, when one person in a household is on antibiotics, the gut disruption that this person experiences is shared by everyone else in the home…we share the microbiome that supports our health and very existence with everything around us. This is particularly true for those with whom we share a living space. A logical leap to consider from this research is the fact that literally dozens of medications, many of them over the counter, disrupt the gut microbiome.”

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