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Samuel Hahnemann His Life and Work by Richard Haehl, MD in Letters to von Villers, Leipsic “Populare Zeitung”, 11th year, 1880. In a letter written to a friend, Hahnemann discusses the importance of walking in nature and writes:
“In every way you may expect wonders as to your complete recovery, owing to your moderation and other factors in the conduct of your natural life. In fresh air, especially when combined with bodily exercise there is an indispensable means for the recuperation of vitality, which could not be replaced by any medicine in the world. One cannot sufficiently recommend walking not only to all men and every creature that draws breath, but especially to those whose mind is very active.”

Similarly in Aphorisms 261-270 of the Organon, Hahnemann discusses how to deal with obstacles to cure, specifically walking in nature in § 261: The most appropriate regimen during the employment of medicine in chronic diseases consists in the removal of such obstacles to recovery, and in supplying where necessary the reverse: innocent moral and intellectual recreation, active exercise in the open air in almost all kinds of weather (daily walks, slight manual labor), suitable, nutritious, unmedicinal food and drink, etc.

Did you know that modern day physicians are prescribing “walks” to their patients? I think it’s absolutely wonderful that healthcare providers are tuning into the power of regular exercise and nature. This certainly is not ‘new age’ advice but it is becoming mainstream, and that can only benefit sick patients.

Here is a great piece on the benefits of walking: https://bit.ly/3bhKoll

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