Homeopathic Medicine

Dr. Chrystelle Besnard-Charvet, MD, Obstetrician Gynecologist discusses the role of Homeopathy in integrative medicine.

“As a gynecologist, I could not get by without integrating homeopathy in everyday practice. In fact, homeopathy is able to solve problems where there are imbalances…Homeopathy will enable us to add medicines, to conventional therapy treatments, which will decrease the side effects safely. That’s what is important when comparing Homeopathy with other complimentary treatments. There is no drug interaction. Integrative medicine is a concept that emerged in the United States in the 1990s and it consists of integrating for the good of the patients…All of this to make the patient feel better or even cure the patient’s illness. So much of this concept of integrative medicine involves prevention, which we tend to forget from time to time in conventional medicine. You would need a crystal ball to predict the future of homeopathy. Anyway, what I know is that homeopathy has a past that we already know well. This is not a fad. If so, homeopathy would have disappeared. The homeopathic approach is spreading worldwide and it fits perfectly in the definition of integrative medicine, so, yes, I am confident in saying that homeopathy is the medicine of tomorrow and that it will be essential for most medical professionals, pharmacists, physicians and midwives for the good of all fellow citizens, our patients. And I sincerely believe that there will be no future for medicine without homeopathy.”

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