You can fix yourself

You might consider yourself broken. You have to tow yourself in for repairs. Nobody else will. It’s not their job.

Only you know where it hurts. Only you know the right things to say and do.
Only you know why you’re sad/angry/hurt.

Only you know what you need.

Thousands of experiences have shaped you into what you are, and nobody but you knows why you’re this way — or that way.

Only you know what you’re thinking.

Only you know what to change: Your life doesn’t suddenly snap from bad to good in one day.

Only you can listen to your intuition: So, if you’re feeling off-centered, stressed, or near a meltdown — it’s time to sit down for a minute and remember who you are… All of you, even the parts that don’t come up for air that often.

Only you know what it’s like to be you.

What a fabulous piece by Jessica Wildfire. To read the whole article, please visit:

Homeopathic treatment is as individual as you. When seeking homeopathic care, a homeopath will look for specific and individualized characteristics that ONLY YOU can share about yourself on a mental, emotional and physical level. This holistic, all encompassing medicine is brilliant if for no other reason than that; each person, as an individual requires specific, individualized treatment. That’s it! So, when you’re ready to face all aspects of your life, reach out and we’ll help you get to the next level of health in a gentle and effective way!

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