Giovanni Dinelli, University of Bologna, Italy

Giovanni Dinelli, University of Bologna, Italy studies sustainable agriculture, organic farming and a more sustainable agricultural production. Dinelli explains why he switched careers from developing herbicides to working with ‘agrohomeopathy’, plus the challenges faced by scientists wanting to conduct rigorous research into homeopathy.

He says: that agrohomeopathy is a way of using homeopathic treatment to create more sustainable agriculture. The perception is that homeopathy is a pseudoscience and we have to fight against this mentality because all scientists embarking on homeopathic investigations face a lot of bottlenecks. The way to fight this is to try and use a robust scientific approach and analyses.

For the full piece, please see the HRI website:

OUR opinion? Let’s keep humble and continue to show the incredible effects homeopathy has on our patients and in agriculture. Let’s continue to produce great clinical data.

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