Chilblains are small inflammations that come on as a result of exposure to the cold. These swellings can be painful, red, itchy and could turn into a blister. Capillaries under the skin become damaged and can cause discomfort. This condition can affect the hands, feet, ears, nose and heels.

Some fabulous remedies to keep in mind for chilblains:

Agaricus: when there is a sensation of cold on the affected body part with the feeling of pins and needles…as if frozen. There could be itching. Body part appears blue, part may be painful, can have a burning sensation.

Lach: where the affected part is inflamed and pus is present. Discolouration on affected part (dark blue/purple); helps to increase blood circulation

Petroleum: very itchy affected part with a lot of pain and burning hot.

Puls: affected part is itchy and worse with heat and at night

Rhus-t: itchy affected part and better with heat. Chilblains are dark red and inflamed, red, shiny swellings and worse touch. Aggravation with humid weather.

Sulfur: burning of soles of feet, discolouration of skin towards purple, thick, itchy, feel frozen but worse heat.

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