November 7, 2016




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We all get bruises from time to time. But your bruises can heal much faster with the help of the following remedy:
  • Arnica: first remedy for bruises and trauma; use in high potency for severe accidents/when concussion is suspected/diagnosed; use in lower potency for less dramatic injuries. Cream form should only be applied to unbroken skin.
  • Acon: muscle weakness, numbness, lameness in limbs after injury; good for a person experiencing great fright or terror after trauma.
  • Bellis perennis: Deep trauma, bruising to soft tissue, internal organs; blows to the breasts, abdomen, pelvis; abdominal, pelvic trauma.
  • Bryonia: bruising and aching so the injured person can barely stand to be still, but movement worse with movement; pain improves from pressure.
  • Hypericum: first choice for nerve injuries/injuries in nerve-rich areas (like hands and skin); sharp pains radiating centrally from wound, especially from fingertips, tailbone, nailbeds, toes, soles of feet; useful for prevention of infection, including tetanus; pain seems out of proportion to injury severity; severe bites or any laceration to the tongue.
  • Ledum: puncture wounds – stepping on nails, staples, needles, etc; mottled, purplish bruising with excessive swelling; injured part often feels icy cold to the touch; injured area feels better for ice cold applications – cannot stand to remove the cold pack, no tolerance for warm applications or exposure to heat; wounds with threatened infection with superficial redness surrounded by paleness, often with coldness of the area.
Note: if the bruise is due to an injury to the head or face, careful observation for 24 hours is indicated. If the injured person’s mental status (alertness, ability to reason, memory, orientation) worsens, it may be a sign of injury to the brain, and professional medical help should be sought today. If the person becomes unconscious, has increasing head pain, or begins repeated vomiting, seek professional medical help immediately.
For all Homeopathic advice, be sure to seek the help of a qualified Homeopath.

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