Basic Foundations in Homeopathy Offered at Humber College (North Campus)

Basic Foundations in Homeopathy Offered at Humber College (North Campus)

April 16, 2015

The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine is proud to offer a new Basic Foundations in Homeopathy course at Humber College.  This homeopathy course will focus on the main principles of Homeopathy and philosophy of classical homeopathy.  Students will learn about the history of homeopathy, the action of homeopathic remedies and how they are produced.  This course will also provide an indepth materia medica understanding of the most common homeopathic remedies used in first aid and to treat colds and flu.  The research methodology of homeopathic provings will also be examined.  Students will learn hot to adapt the traditional homeopathic drug proving methodology to a modern clinical trial design.  The lectures and assignments are designed to assist students in grasping the fundamental concepts of classical homeopathy.  The goal for the student is to achieve a high level of competency in understanding homeopathic philosophy, using the knowledge acquired to facilitate the understanding of the homeopathic process of casetaking.    
Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:
Define homeopathy as a complete system of medicine.  
State the major differences between homeopathic and allopathic approaches to disease
State the major differences between the empirical and rational approaches of medical thought
Describe holistic medicine
Define classical homeopathy
Give a brief discourse on the development of the homeopathic method of treatment and cure
Describe the fundamental principles of homeopathy 
Define “Hering’s Law of Cure”
Define the concept of vital force
Understand the concept of susceptibility to the action of medicine
Understand the effect of repeated doses of medicine
Define a symptom and explain how to obtain a complete symptom
Explain the importance of symptoms in disease
Describe how homeopathic remedies are made
Define Korsakoff’s method of remedy preparation
Explain how a proving is conducted
Explain how information is extracted from a proving and transferred to materia medica
Describe the symptoms of basic first aid conditions that can be individualizing
Describe in detail common remedies used in the treatment of basic emergency conditions
Explain how symptoms are organized in a repertory
Explain the different gradings in a repertory and the significance of such gradings 
Upon completion of The Basic Foundations in Homeopathy course students are eligible to complete our online homeopathic course with exemptions.  

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