Treat boils with Homeopathic Remedies.

Boils are usually a condition that can be treated at home with some great homeopathic remedies. Boils begin with a skin infection in a hair follicle or oil gland. The skin typically turns red and forms a head with pus underneath. The pus can usually be drained easily. Popping or squeezing a boil is not recommended as an infection can be brought on.

Here are some great remedies to help with boils:

Ars: boils with burning pain. There could be a low grade fever.

Calc-sulph: for boils with a thick, yellow lumpy discharge

Bell: the boil is read and hot, throbbing and very sore. No pus formation.

Hepar sulph: there are pains that are sharp and splinter-like. Patient is oversensitive and helps the boil discharge. Very sensitive to touch. Discharge can smell of cheese.

Lachesis: very painful boils, edges are blue

Myristica sebifera: for boils that form pus. Hastens the suppuration process.

Psorinum: characterized by boils on the head due to excessive suppuration of sebum. The skin on the scalp looks dirty and there is an offensive smell to the boils.

Silicea: for slow forming boils that don’t come to a head easily. They are hard and nodular and sensitive. Boils will typically form in an injured area. Helps with quick healing of boils.

Sulphur: for when boils form recurrently and chronically.


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