Homeopathy for the Healthy Family

Dates/time: February 26, March 5, March 12, March 26, April 2, April 9, 2022 (10am – 12pm EDT)
Lecturers: Samantha King, Jillian Power, Iryna Volynets
Cost: $125

Mums, dads and caregivers alike are consistently searching for the best ways to take care of their families; especially in times of acute illnesses and stresses that can strike at anytime. “Homeopathy for the Healthy Family” will help you take the steps and empower you towards caring for and healing your loved ones at home safely and naturally. We’ll give you the confidence to select a homeopathic remedy in times of need promptly and accurately for a quick resolution. Each session will help you help your family with the “know how” to overcome common acute illnesses/stresses.  You will be provided with lecture notes and reference material to keep on hand for when tricky  situations arise. Take the next steps and become a healthier family; allow us to help you expand your medicine cabinet through the understanding and use of natural, safe and effective homeopathic remedies that will help you restore your family’s health.

In these six two-hour sessions, caregivers will learn how to treat a variety of acute common ailments. You will take away a good basic understanding of what homeopathy is and how to use homeoapthic remedies with confidence.

The sessions will take you through treating minor injuries to acute illnesses such as cold and flu, ear and sinus infections and gastrointestinal concerns. The course will also guide you on how to help your family during stressful situations.

The lectures will include how to recognize acute illness, what a symptom picture is and how to accurately select a well suited homeopathic remedy as needed. Each session will encourage you to practice your knowledge through case examples.

Sessions will cover:

• what is homeopathy
• understanding the differences between an acute and chronic state of illness
• recognizing the symptoms of an acute illness
• how to select a remedy for an acute ailment
• proper selection of potency (strength) for homeopathic remedies and frequency of repetition
• naturopathic tips to help boost your immune system
• real-life examples of what can be treated acutely at home and some cases for you to solve with our guidance

Different options of home remedy kits will be put together for those interested in purchasing one.

We believe and are passionate about Homeopathy.  We want to share that knowledge with you so that you can be equipped, feel confident and empowered to take charge of your own health and the health of your families. Bring your enthusiasm, questions, and curiosity to learn in the comfort of your own home and see how Homeopathy can change your life.



FEBRUARY 26, 2022:  Introduction to Homeopathy
Homeopathy for Accidents and Injuries
Lecturer: Jillian Power

MARCH 5,  2022: Homeopathy for Flu and Fevers
Lecturer: Iryna Volynets

MARCH 12, 2022: Homeopathy for Colds and Coughs
Lecturer: Samantha King

MARCH 26, 2022: Homeopathy for Ears, Nose and Throat
Lecturer: Jillian Power

APRIL 2, 2022: Homeopathy for Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea
Lecturer: Samantha King

APRIL 9, 2022: Homeopathy for Stressful Circumstances
Lecturer: Iryna Volynets



These classes are each two hours long and accessible over ZOOM.

Dates and Time: February 26, March 5, March 12, March 26, April 2, April 9, 2022 (10am – 12pm EDT/8am – 10am PST)

Cost: $125 (recordings will be available if you are not able to make it live)



Samantha King: Is a graduate from OCHM and is in the process registering with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. She has 15yrs of experience as a registered nurse and is a proud mother of two school-aged children. She advocates for and enjoys empowering others to take their health into their own hands and wants to help families thrive and feel confident when dealing with the illnesses and injuries that occur in our everyday lives in the comfort of their own home.

Jillian Power: A senior student of OCHM, pursuing her registration with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. Jillian has a background working with a range of special needs students within the education system for 14 years. She is a delighted mom of 2 children and enjoys going on adventures with her family. “Being a mom and having the ability to care for my family in a holistic, affordable way, is a powerful and assertive way to provide optimal healthy solutions to my wildly crazy loving bunch!”

Iryna Volynets, MBA: A senior student at OCHM, preparing for her registration in Quebec and working in parallel on becoming a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in the UK. Iryna had 14 years of experience in finance, corporate strategy and management before changing her career. Like most people in the alternative medicine world Iryna turned to homeopathy, nutrition and naturopathy to help her loved ones and never looked back. Her toddler, husband and a big circle of family members and friends provide for daily training in acute prescriptions. Iryna is passionate about healthy living and helping others become their better selves mentally, emotionally and physically.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

LECTURE SERIES: Homeopathy for the Healthy Family
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