Gemstone Remedies in Homeopathy


Date/time: Sunday, March 5th, 2023 (11am – 6pm EST) | Cost: $75 | Lecturer: Joy Burlton


In this exciting class we will learn how to use these special remedies to heal and help through their transformational powers. adamas (diamond), quartz, emerald, ruby, opal, tourmaline, to name a few, are remedies that have amazing healing potential but are often not fully understood by many to be usefully identifiable.

The whole group of remedies has themes of beauty, light, faith, abuse, crystallization of thought and feeling and much more. We will explore these group traits using our known materia medica from multiple source. As well, we will examine cured cases and then explore the individual remedies so that we may gain an understanding of how to identify them correctly and use them at the appropriate time with our patients.

Prized and valued for their beauty and their rarity, even their difficulty to be brought to the surface for us to see, gemstones have the feeling of being trapped and buried. Only when their true nature, light and healing potential (that has also been trapped) can be released and realised can we begin to use these group of remedies effectively. Gemstones have been forged deep in the earth, under immense pressure. They have the ability to unlock the healing potential for deep intergenerational family traumas and help the soul, psyche and physical body to heal and find a new path. The remedies we will look at include the 12 main gemstones and a comparison to other rock, lyme, and marble in our materia medica and their related elements.


This is going to be a FULL day’s class, accessible over ZOOM.

Details: Sunday, March 5th, 2023 from 11am – 6pm EST (8am – 3pm PST)

Cost: $75 (recording will be available if you are not able to make it live)

Instructor: Joy Burlton BSc, DHMHS, HOM

Joy Burlton received her Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree from the University of Western Ontario, always having had an interest in medicine. After a lot of investigation into different modalities she discovered homeopathy and found it to be a perfect fit for the type of deep healing she valued.

Homeopathy, she found was the perfect tool to aid others in experiencing this type of healing and lasting health. She then went on to achieve Honours in her four-year post-graduate Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (OCHM).

Joy is a licensed Homeopath and has been practising in Toronto since 2007. She has enjoyed growing her practice and raising more awareness about homeopathy in Toronto and surrounding areas. Joy is part of the faculty at OCHM and is a clinical supervisor. Our students love her depth and breadth of knowledge and the many case examples she brings to her teaching.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

LECTURE - Gemstone Remedies in Homeopathy