Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, Post-Partum, and Assisted Reproduction (IVF and other Interventions)


Dates/times: May 4th (9am – 5pm EDT) & May 19th, 2024 (10am – 6pm EDT) | Cost: $150 | Lecturer: Joy Burlton


Supporting patients through a healthy and happy pregnancy have been some of the most life changing healing examples in my practice. I wish to share with you the healing that can occur for the whole family, but specifically the mother, and how to facilitate this through homeopathic treatment during pregnancy, labour, post-partem and assisted reproduction.

Healing that assists in the gentle and powerful movement through the process of growing, nurturing and delivering life, from a place of physical and emotional health, and confidence in her own body. This is especially important where there has been a history of child loss and miscariage for the mother or grandmother, as well as infertility and birth trauma. And when things have gone awry, when development on any level from mom or baby has become stuck, we need to proceed with care and vision of what needs attention and healing through our remedies.

Healing the state that occurs during the pregnancy is a head start on having a loving peaceful birth and post-partem period, providing the most beneficial start in life, and can have exponential impacts because it is the one time you are truly treating the miasmatic load and have the ability to treat 2 people at the same time, right from the start.

Please join us to learn some wonderful tips and tricks to better support your patients through this powerful period of life. A time when homoepathy can deeply impact the whole trajectory of a patient’s lineage.

Specifically we will address:


  • Miasmatic influence and how to address them in utero for mother and baby
  • Development of a baby through the trimesters of pregnancy and related remedies and issues
  • Using tissue salts to support the different stages of pregnancy
  • Common and uncommon issues arising in pregnancy and their treatment ie hyperemesis gravidum, anxiety, BP, diabetes fear of labour or motherhood
  • relationship changes
  • acute illness
  • overdue or early

Labour support

  • common remedies
  • stages of labour
  • issues arising and their homeopathic management
  • optimising outcomes for mom and baby

Postpartum in mother and baby

  • postpartum anxiety
  • postpartum depression
  • breatsfeeding
  • c-secion recovery or birth trauma recovery
  • drugs and epidural
  • shock
  • sleeping

Learn all about assisted reproduction and how homeopathy can help our patients mental and physical health through this often difficult process. Learn about different procedures and escalation of interventions that are used to assist many people in achieving a pregnancy. IVF, IUI, various pharmacological interventions embryo transfer, donor egg and sperm etc etc. You will be better able to serve your patients once you understand the ins and outs of navigating this process and the potential strain and stress many couples and single moms by choice feel as they navigate this medicalised reproductive world, and how remedies can help.

We will delve into remedies indicated to assist a healthy happy pregnancy but also discuss what can potentially go awry with these treatments and the homeopathic states that can be seen in our patients and their children who are conceived using these technologies.

Join us to learn some of the deeper issues that lie behind the mysteries of our ability to perform the miracles of pregnancy, birth, and the ongoing complexities of nurturing in this complex world we live in.


This is going to be two FULL days of class, accessible over ZOOM.

Details: May 4 and 19, 2022 from 9am – 5pm and 10am – 6pm EDT (6am – 2pm & 7am – 3pm PST) respectively

Cost: $80 for either class, $150 for both classes (recordings will be available if you are not able to make it live)


Instructor: Joy Burlton BSc, DHMHS, HOM


Joy Burlton received her Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree from the University of Western Ontario, always having had an interest in medicine. After a lot of investigation into different modalities she discovered homeopathy and found it to be a perfect fit for the type of deep healing she valued.

Homeopathy, she found was the perfect tool to aid others in experiencing this type of healing and lasting health. She then went on to achieve Honours in her four-year post-graduate Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (OCHM).

Joy is a licensed Homeopath and has been practising in Toronto since 2007. She has enjoyed growing her practice and raising more awareness about homeopathy in Toronto and surrounding areas. Joy is part of the faculty at OCHM and is a clinical supervisor. Our students love her depth and breadth of knowledge and the many case examples she brings to her teaching.

We look forward to seeing you soon!