Orchids Revealed


Date/time: Saturday, March 19th, 2022 (9am – 5pm EDT) | Cost: $75 | Lecturer: Marty Begin

Marty will give an introduction to the Orchids in homeopathy, which until recently have been under-represented, given there are upwards of 30,000 different species and classically we’ve used around 7. There are many clinical areas where they find their special place such as ADD, OCD, autism, and serious injuries, to name a few.

Many new orchid remedies have blossomed forth with new provings and clinical insights in recent times, especially with a collegial orchid focus entitled ‘the orchid project’ principally lead by Louis Klein, Sally Williams, and Matilde Flores. Jan Scholten has also brought many new orchid provings to light in the development of his plant system. Presenting case examples, Marty will reveal key areas of recent discoveries of the unique orchids along with information from new provings. He’ll look at classically used remedies such as Spiranthes autumnalis and newer remedies such as Oncidium ornithorhychum, Orchis simia, Vanilla plantifolia and Encycylia cordigera. Main group and specific remedy themes will be outlined and along with the related natural history of orchids, will help us recognize an orchid case.



This is going to be a FULL day’s class, accessible over ZOOM.

Details: Saturday, March 19th, 2022 from 9am – 5pm EDT (6am – 2pm PST)

Cost: $75 (recording will be available if you are not able to make it live)


Instructor: Marty Begin, ND, HMC

Marty Begin ND, HMC. has been a naturopath since 1990 in Toronto, with a special love for homeopathy. With a good base of classical and Vitoulkian homeopathy, he went on to study courses and attend many lectures with most of the acclaimed teachers of the last 3 decades. With a well-rounded grasp of various methods, his strongest influences have been Jeremy Sheer, the Mumbai group, Louis Klein, and Jan Scholten. He’s open to integrating any progressive method into his practice that helps bring consistent, broad, deep and lasting results in healing and eliminating the susceptibility of chronic disease. In his homeopathic specialty, he’s been a teacher and mentor, had journal articles published, and has been a master prover and involved in many homeopathic provings including the Firefly, Quetzal, Yellow Box fish, Vanilla plantifolia, and Scholten’s Panama Plant provings.  He has studied extensively with Louis Klein, who has inspired new work in the Orchidales and written “Orchids in Homeopathy”

LECTURE - Orchids Revealed
Marty will give an introduction to the Orchids in homeopathy.