Elevate Your Homeopathic Practice. Understand Childhood Memories, Navigate Dreams, Fears, and Food Aversions and Find Out How they Impact One’s Neuroscience.

Date/time: Saturday, November 18, 2023 (9am – 5pm EDT) | Cost: $100 | Lecturer: Leigh Panovka

Are you looking to elevate your homeopathic practice to a new level of precision and efficacy? Join us for an enlightening seminar where you will be introduced to an innovative methodology that redefines how to determine the simillimum. The approach challenges the traditional numerical rubrics, offering a dynamic exploration into why a specific substance becomes the patient’s similimum. By integrating multiple factors – including food, fears, and the chief complaint – we gain confidence in choosing the most effective similimum.

Central to this approach is understanding the profound impact our childhoods have on our health. We explore how substances from our early years can disrupt neural circuits, leading to disease. Our mission is to identify and correct these disruptions using precisely chosen homeopathic remedies – the simillimum.

Discover how dreams, fears, and food aversions serve as potent tools in spotlighting the substance at the root of the disruption. Instead of relying solely on rubrics, we utilize these aspects to guide us to the most fitting remedy for our patients. We also discuss how this approach can assist in potency selection.

Join Leigh in this fascinating seminar that answers some of the most important and previously inexplicable core concepts of classical homeopathy.
* why does a particular substance become a constitutional remedy
* what is the origin of disease in general and of each individual in particular
* why have food aversions, fears and dreams always been a central and important part of case taking
* why a constitutional remedy can treat physical, mental and emotional symptoms

Leigh uses Dr. Divya Chhabra neuro-scientific “Leap to the Simillium” method which combines cutting edge Neuroscience with the fundamentals of classical homeopathy to answer these complex questions and enable the practitioner to find the similimum in each case with confidence.

Leigh will take you on a journey that explores:
* the neural circuits in the automatic brain
* how the dis-regulation of these neural circuit sets up disease (Pavlov, Ader, Watson )
* where this dis-regulation occurs (childhood)
* what causes this dis-regulation (the remedy)
* how fear and dreams spotlight the area in childhood where the dis-regulation occurs
* food aversions (there connection to the remedy)
* main complaint (remedy – source characteristic and 5 sense experience )
* Confluence – a meeting point between remedy, where it was seen in childhood (fears and dreams) and confirmation of characteristics as seen in food aversions.

Leigh will present a case to demonstrate each of these concepts in a step by step model that is highly reproducible.

You will walk away with valuable insights! Don’t miss this opportunity to broaden your horizons and enhance your practice. Join us for an enriching seminar that promises a paradigm shift in your approach to homeopathic healing.



These classes will be accessible over ZOOM.

Details: Saturday, November 18th, 2023 from 9am – 5pm EDT (6am – 2pm PST)

Cost: $100 (recording will be available if you are not able to make it live)

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Leigh Panovka (BSc., HOM)

Leigh has been practising Dr. Divyas Chabras “Leap to the Similiium “ – neuroscientific method for well over a decade and has been a part of her team for the last 3 years where she teaches and supervises other homeopaths practising this methodology .

She is based in Canada but has a virtual practise treating patients from all over the world.

What Dr Divya has to say about Leigh , “Leigh’s passion and commitment to Homeopathy to reach the unconscious and therefore the Leap to the Simimilum (neuroscientific method) is unsurpassed”

Leigh first completed her BSc. Degree in mathematics and then went on to obtain her Masters in Homeopathy diploma in South Africa in a 6 year full time course. Leigh was particularly attracted to this methodology because of its scientific, reproducible and logical manner that enables you to find the similimum in all cases.

LECTURE - Elevate Your Homeopathic Practice. Understand Childhood Memories, Navigate Dreams, Fears, and Food Aversions and Find Out How they Impact One’s Neuroscience.
Enhance your homeopathic practice by learning an innovative method that redefines simillimum determination, incorporating factors like food, fears, and the chief complaint. Emphasis is placed on the significant impact of childhood experiences on health and explore how early-life substances can disrupt neural circuits, leading to disease. Discover how dreams, fears, and food aversions help pinpoint the root cause, moving beyond traditional rubrics and aiding in potency selection.