Dreams, Fears and Delusions in Homeopathy

Dreams, Fears and Delusions in Homeopathy


Dreams, fears and delusions – this mysterious, subjective, most of the time irrational realm of our psyche can help us, homeopaths, facilitate the patterns of perception and experience of reality by the patient. Based on information received by the patient, we will discuss how to prescribe the most suitable remedy.

Some questions to consider:

Do we interpret dreams, fears and delusions?

Do we use them as ordinary homeopathic symptoms?

Do we look at them as the true state of a patient?

Are we seeking for correlation of this subjective phenomenas and the rest of the clinical history of a patient?

During this lecture we will discuss the theories of dreams, the nature of fears and delusions and what approaches different homeopaths would use to work with them. I will share with you my experience of how we can use these subjective phenomena in the homeopathic interview. We will see how we can get to the organizing pattern of perception and experience using dreams, fears and delusion as metaphors that reflect the inner state of a patient. We will learn how different states of different groups of remedies will represent themselves in dreams or through fears and delusions.


Instructor: Tatiana Tesker


A registered Homeopath with College of Homeopaths of Ontario with 15 years of professional experience., Tatiana helps people reach their full potential and restore health using natural and homeopathic remedies.

“I always was interested in psychosomatic aspects of health and psychophysiology – how our emotional state can affect physical health and vice versa (my PhD project was on Psychosomatic Aspects of Infertility)”.

Tatiana graduated from the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine to study Medical Science and Homeopathic Medicine in 2006 and has a background in Psychology.

Tatiana is one of our faculty members and is adored by her colleagues and students alike.


We look forward to seeing you soon!