Beyond Repertorization: A Multi-Ssystem Approach to Case Analysis

Date/time: Saturday, June 26th, 2021 (9am – 5pm EDT) | Cost: $75 | Lecturer: Mirjana Milanovic

You have carefully taken a case, analyzed the essential aspects of that case, and thoughtfully selected rubrics which you plug into your repertory and come up with…..nothing that seems suitable to your case! This is not an unusual outcome to repertorization, and one that can be extraordinarily frustrating for homeopaths. This class is designed to help you understand and address that relatively common situation.

By exploring an integrative approach to case taking and analysis – one that merges multiple frameworks – you will learn methods to help you through those log-jams of homeopathic analysis. Many homeopaths are trained in one or another school of case-taking and analysis or feel especially comfortable with one particular approach. The problem is that given the endless diversity of human individuality, homeopaths must have a comparably diverse approach to case-taking and analysis. We do not need to push patients to express themselves within a particular framework, which might be foreign to their level of experience and expression. Instead, knowledge of integrative approaches allows homeopaths to choose a viewpoint into a case that resonates with the patients’ experience, allows for triangulation and leads to more consistent prescribing and efficacy, and considerably less frustration. This course on a multi-system approach to case-taking and analysis will be illustrated through numerous example cases.


This is going to be a FULL day’s class, accessible over ZOOM.

Details: Saturday, June 26th, 2021 from 9am – 5pm EDT (6am – 2pm PST)

Cost: $75 (recording will be available if you are not able to make it live)


Instructor: Mirjana Milanovic, MD, DHMHS, HOM

Dr. Milanovic received her Medical Doctor’s Degree from the Universityof Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia. She had a busy practice for seven years, taught Internal Medicine in nursing school and completed two years of a residence program in preventive medicine before immigrating to Canada. In Toronto, she worked as a Clinical Education Specialist in the largest teaching hospital (UHN) in Canada. She confirmed her medical diploma by passing the Medical Council of Canada’s Evaluating and Qualifying Examinations but then she found herself in Homeopathy, graduating with honors from the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. She has continued to study Homeopathy extensively taking extra courses and attending many seminars including advanced education in Classical Homeopathy taught by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and his team in India. Mirjana has a private practice in Toronto.

LECTURE - Beyond Repertorization: A Multi-System Approach to Case Analysis