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Homeopathy for Relationship Trauma

This seminar will be drawn from Jerry’s book: The Toxic Relationship Cure, Clearing traumatic damage from a boss, parent, lover or friend with natural, drug-free remedies.

The fallout from demeaning, accusatory or betraying relationships can inflame or create a “constitutional” state.  The class will gain fresh insights into familiar remedies useful in such situations, along with some other remedies you probably rarely use constitutionally.

We will explore the capacity for homeopathy to heal toxic relationships both current and past, whether the perceived “culprit” is a boss, parent, partner, friend or colleague.

As homeopaths, we understand that individual constitutional states promote uniquely individual symptoms. Part of the understanding of this individuality is found in understanding susceptibility and how that impacts the constitution, thus emphasizing the significant impact of “never been well since” situations. We will explore remedies useful for just such scenarios.

Fallout from toxic human relationships will be examined with an eye to how the traumatic impact inflamesexisting constitutional states, or generates entirely new ones. We will examine familiar miasms as representing fallout from existentially toxic situations that have consolidated within our heritage and been passed down through the generations.

As everyone loves a story, the teaching will utilize a composite case method. The composite cases Jerry will introduce contain embedded existential questions.  Jerry will assist the student/homeopath to extract and understand to the psychic, mental and physical damage the client relates. Jerry will lead the class in analysis, focusing on the identification of the case theme, its strong and weak pole, and the principal systems affected.

Case discussions will include anticipating the states likely to follow a well prescribed remedy. Conceptual tools used for case analysis and prognostication will be explained.

These include:

· Radical Disjunct
· Sense Dimensional Analysis (relating both to miasms and to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory)
· Pendulum swing
· Junior/senior remedy relationship

This interactive class will present you with tools for addressing cases in which a toxic relationship is a primary etiology, a common and critical factor in the development of dis-ease for many patients/clients.

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