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Party Drug Remedies in Homeopathy

Party Drug Remedies in Homeopathy

Date/time: Saturday, May 6th, 2023 (9am – 5pm EST) | Cost: $75 | Lecturer: Joy Burlton

Come and explore the deeply interesting world of these intoxicating remedies, grouped as “party drugs“!

We will explore their use, abuse, addiction and symptoms of use, and of course Materia Medica. We will also look to societal views and uses of these substances and how these may suggest and lead to our choice of these remedies. Some, such as MDMA, Ayahuasca, GHB, Psilocybin are currently being explored by western medicine with a new light, showing a great deal of interesting data on shared experiences that can be understood as mass unintentional provings. Used in crude and microdoses they have been in use herbally and by medicine traditions outside of the western norm for much of history and there lies a huge bounty of information for us to further understand these substances and their fuller pictures as remedies.

We will also discuss the recent change of marijuana and mushrooms now being legal in Canada, asking: how does access to these substances, without the guidance of a deeper connection to their sources and guidance affect their users, and how do these states develop and appear in our patients needing these remedies?

Further we will explore how LSD, Coca, Papav, Crystal Meth, and Tobacco, as well as Alcohol. How do these substances play a large role in the lives of many, directly and indirectly, and their impact on individuals as well as societies will prove to be an interesting discussion. This exploration will aid us to make connections to these substances and how they show up in our patients. While these remedies are well proven, they are sometimes difficult to identify, simply because of a lack of awareness of them and how to properly identify them. It is my experience that having a micro-, as well as a macro- understanding of these useful remedies will lead to a huge leap in understanding of their essence, thus ease in seeing them when needed.

Bring your questions and experiences and come prepared for a fun day of remedy and life learnings.

To register: https://ochm.ca/lectures-partydrugs/

The event is finished.

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