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Introduction to Jan Scholten’s Wonderful Plant System

Date/time: Sunday, May 16th, 2021 (10am – 6pm EDT) | Cost: $75 | Lecturer: Marty Begin

Jan Scholten has been a main player in the evolution of homeopathic practice, first with the way he recognized how the order in the periodic table of elements could be applied and integrated with classical knowledge of remedies thereby opening up many more prescription possibilities to less known or unproven elements, independent of time-consuming provings.

Now similarly, tapping into how the elemental order transposes onto that of plants, Jan Scholten has opened up a whole new wonderful world of plant remedies. As a result, hundreds of new plant remedies have been made and used in successful cases. As Scholten’s map to plant remedies has been developed and refined, he has tirelessly worked on filling in details of those remedies, verifying their materia medica and taxonomic coordinates through cases and provings.

Marty Begin ND., HMC., has been applying and contributing to Scholten’s plant system development with cases and participation in provings since its introduction over a decade ago, including the Panama provings. In this webinar he will present the fundamentals needed to apply the system with case examples to open up your world to more of what the wonderful plants have to offer.

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