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Fish and Gas Remedies in Homeopathy

Fish people are often lively and positive. They have the joy and free-spirited feeling of Birds but with less of the heavy sense of responsibility. They can also be like Butterflies: they don’t really want to be in this world and can float off into a dreamy almost drug-like state. They are averse to anything which blocks them, preventing them from flowing forward in life. Fish remedies have special application in conditions such as dyslexia, autism, dementia and rheumatic and arthritic complaints.

We will study the themes and sensation of the group and see video cases of different Fish remedies and study the materia medica and provings of these. Cases will include Carassius auratus (Goldfish), Oncorhynchus tshawytcha (Pacific Salmon), Galeocerdo cuvier hepar (Tiger Shark), Serum anguillae (Eel Serum) and Hippocampus kuda (Yellow Seahorse).

Superficially Gas patients may appear similar to Fish people: they can feel floaty, insubstantial and dispersed, or experience the opposite state of heaviness and compression. They want to feel fluid and flowing but suffer from feeling stagnant and blocked. We will study cases of Helium, Nitrogen, Ozone, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Chlorum, Argon and Krypton. Combining knowledge of the themes and expressions of the different rows and stages in the Periodic Table, and of the Noble Gases, with the unique mode of expression of gas patients can help us prescribe these interesting remedies with confidence.

Most of the cases will be on video, edited for clarity and brevity.

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