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Exploring the Secret Lanthanides, Colours and Actinides in Homeopathy

The Lanthanides, that “secret” line on the Periodic Table, became a part of homeopathy through Dutch homeopath Jan Scholten. His book,” The Secret Lanthanides,” was published in 2005. Since then, homeopaths worldwide have found solutions to some of their unsolved cases by prescribing them.

In this webinar, I will reveal these “secrets” by examining each of the Lanthanide elements and their salts. I will discuss their relationship to other parts of the Periodic Table and similar remedy groupings. I will talk about the kind of patient who needs a Lanthanide and the sort of complaints they are likely to present.
Colours in Homeopathy

Another tool central to my practice is the use of Colours as they correspond to homeopathic remedies. This work is based on the book “Colors in Homeopathy” by Ulrich Welte. You will find references in The Secret Lanthanides to the colours patients have chosen. I will explain how the chart works and will illustrate its use in cases.

The Actinides

The seventh and last series (or row) of the Periodic Table is the Actinides, sometimes known as the Uranium Series. These remedies are also the most recently explored in homeopathy.  In our current world, the imminent threat of Nuclear War makes them more relevant than ever. The themes of fragmentation and disintegration are those of many of our patients.

This series is heavy. The patients needing them and the conditions they treat are the most deeply syphilitic ones that we treat. Examples of conditions that patients requiring remedies from the Actinides will present include PTSD, genetic irregularities, hereditary illnesses, and cancers.

We will look at each remedy in this series using case examples. We will examine the conditions they treat and the kind of patients who will need them.

We are offering a “special” on this webinar and the one on Lanthanides and Colours because they complement each other. If you have not studied Lanthanides, I recommend signing up for both. You will understand the Actinides better if you also know the Lanthanides.  The Colours are equally helpful in prescribing both series.

For more and to register: https://ochm.ca/lectures_lca/

The event is finished.

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