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A Journey Into the Table of Flowering Plants, an Introduction by Michal Yakir

A full scope Introduction.

This introductory seminar will outline the Table of Plants, and explore its Triple “fractal” aspects, who reflect each other: plants evolution, human body and spirit evolution, and humanity history and evolution, matching it with our plant remedies. This parallel evolution portray a systematic understanding, which along insight from psychology, philosophy and Kabbala link seamlessly with our Materia medica, creating a comprehensive yet easy to use tool for our case taking. Shedding more light on any system one uses in ones homeopathic practice.

The plant world is a wondrous realm whose development – on whom the whole word evolution is based – is also interwoven with human development. When we match the plants botanical evolutionary order, with human (and humanity) evolution, and position our entire materia medica of plants according to this order – it suddenly becomes like a story or a book, whose torn pages (remedies) – are now arranged in a meaningful order. Forming stories, even an elaborate logical record that describe the stages of human development and growth, and where it fails: where and what is the nature of the disease at each step.

Those lows and themes in the plant Medica medica gives more sense to our practice, to our individual old remedies as well as to new provings.

Thus the Table of plants reveals the wonderful order in our world – and its “sense-making” in many aspects of healing.

It is important to emphasize that understanding the Table and its lows becomes a practical and easy to apply tool in everyday practice of the homeopath, no matter which system is used, classic or sensation. A tool aiding in case taking and its management, in accuracy in choosing the homeopathic prescription as well as understanding health and illness in general – and even one’s own journey.

The structure of the seminar: The structure will be 4 online, 4 hour meetings, with two short breaks in between.In each meeting we will discuss the Table of plants botanical and homeopathic sources, Logic and structure, using cases to demonstrate the stages. We will go over every column, and have a taste of its families and few remedies – as time permits.

Day 1
 =Botanical Introduction to the table of plants – from the ancient plants to the modern flowering plants. The theoretical & psychological background.
Day 2 = Column 1 to column 3
Day 3 = Columns 4 and 5
Day 4 = Column 6, the final stage of the table. The rows in the table.



These classes will be accessible over ZOOM.

Details: October 21, 22, 28 and 29, 2023 from 9am – 1pm EDT (6am – 12pm PST)

Cost: $200 until Octobre 6, 2023 then $250 thereafter (recording will be available if you are not able to make it live)

We look forward to seeing you soon! Please click here to register.

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