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School of Homeopathy in Ontario

The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine is your school for Classical Homeopathy in Ontario.  Enroll today!

We are a premier institution for Classical Homeopathic education, training and research.

Homeopathic School of Natural Medicine

The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine is a school of Classical Homeopathic teaching in natural medicine. Our institution offers a complete Diploma Program in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences.

Homeopathic treatments are natural and prepared from substances derived from plants, minerals and animals. These innovative methods are safe and non-toxic. Call us to find out more!

An institution that promotes natural medicine and treatment

School of Homeopathy Toronto
School of Homeopathy Ontario

Diploma for Health Professionals

Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine is a Classical Homeopathic Medicine school based in the heart of Toronto. We offer a wide range of well structured and organized courses in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences.

Our Accelerated Program for Health Professionals is designed for those who already have a background in the health profession. It is a two-year program that includes clinical internships in both years. Get in touch to learn about our available programs!

Part-time and flexible training hours that suit your schedule

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Prospective Students

Now accepting applications for September and January! 

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What's in it for you?

Most of our students come to the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (OCHM) because they have had a profound experience with Homeopathy and now want to be able to provide a similar experience to others.  Once you have decided that Homeopathy is going to be your career path, you must look for the best possible education to make your dreams a reality.

OCHM has the finest homeopathic education available…here’s why:

  • Homeopathy is a regulated healthcare profession and OCHM is the only school that has continuously advocated for the regulation of our profession.  OCHM has the highest standards for homeopathic education and clinical internship in North America, which will give you the confidence to pursue your career path successfully knowing that you received the best education available. Learn more about the OCHM Advantage
  • The faculty is world class.   OCHM is dedicated to properly educating students by providing the most passionate teachers to share their wealth of knowledge.
  • The courses are relevant and accessible.  They run on evenings and weekends which leaves time for work and family.  Online training is also available.
  • The clinical internship is ‘hands on’ and supervised by very experienced practitioners.  You will have seen hundreds of hours of live patients during your training at OCHM and you will have worked their cases together with other students and faculty so that you can understand what needs to happen when you are running your own practice and seeing your own patients.
  • The school has contacts with successful homeopaths around the world and invites them to be guest lecturers yearly.  This experience alone is invaluable.
  • OCHM Student Council organizes events and fundraisers to help with school initiatives and important causes around the world.  They also run an extensive library, offer support and tutoring help when it’s required.

Career Prospects for Graduates

Homeopathy is the 2nd most practiced medical system in the world following allopathic medicine and is the fastest growing system of medicine according to the WHO. Today, Homeopathy is undergoing resurgence in popularity worldwide. In Europe, Homeopathy plays such a significant role in medical treatment that it is now considered a part of mainstream medicine and is no longer considered "alternative therapy." People seek out Homeopathy with a large range of needs from boosting their overall health with preventative measures to the treatment of specific health problems.

As we advance into the 21st century, Canadians face many new challenges in their personal healthcare choices and more and more people are looking towards Homeopathy as a preventative and complementary medicine. It is becoming apparent that Homeopathic Medicine will play a major role in the Canadian health care system and the hope is that it becomes “Integrated” rather than thought of as “Alternative."

“It’s amazing how we learn so much from such talented people at OCHM.  Never have I been part of a program that is so intense yet so rewarding.  I’m just thrilled to be here.”  HB (current student)

…and you will be too!

Requirements for Success

A Homeopath must be a warm and compassionate person whose professionalism allows the patient to open up about his/her physical, emotional and spiritual condition. Never losing focus of what is in the best interest of the patient, the Homeopath will also develop his/her own personal awareness allowing more depth of understanding of his/her patient's condition. 

Homeopathy is a creative art as well as a scientific process. The Homeopath will enter a passionate world of discovery, leading to the true source of his/her patient's ailment and the remedy most suited to that patient.

Homeopaths, as well as being healers, must also have the tools, skills and ambition to set up a successful practice in the community and to attend lectures, seminars, workshops and courses to keep up with the continuous growth of the profession. 

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Why Choose Us?

  • We are a not-for-profit institution
  • An experienced and reputable College with world-wide respect
  • Highly qualified educators
  • Programs recognized by the CHO
  • Extensive and enjoyable curriculum 
  • Teaching classical Homeopathy and modern innovations
  • Provide clinical training as part of your complete education

2080 Danforth Ave, TORONTO, ON M4C 1J9 (416) 535-5995