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OCHM Advantage

The Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (OCHM) is proud to be offering the most comprehensive Homeopathic education available in Ontario. Our program is based on Classical Homeopathic teaching and training and is comparable to some of the best schools around the world.  It is our mission to provide the most professional training and education of the highest quality with impeccable standards for the practice of Classical Homeopathy for the professional “Homeopath” designation in Ontario. We have an international reputation as a leader in Classical Homeopathic education and have created an international network of practitioners and students to support the establishment of Classical Homeopathy as a viable medical system in North America.

As an addition to our superbly taught Homeopathy courses, our Medical and Health Science courses are taught in class, by PhDs and Medical doctors. We believe that having such a high number of contact hours with real teachers who are experts in their field is not only important, it is invaluable to the student’s learning outcome. The students are free to interact with their teachers and ask questions to maximize their learning potential.
OCHM’s student clinic is priceless. It has been in operation for over 17 years and has served to effectively transition student practitioners into competent classically trained Homeopaths with rigorous clinical training. Our unique Clinical Internship Program is a crucial component of our Diploma program in Homeopathy and Health Sciences and serves to consolidate academic learning by transforming theory into practice. The clinical experience solidifies the formal academic training by exposing students to a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions, developing the skills to practice safely and competently.   

School of Homeopathy Ontario

Our Professional Diploma Program begins three times every year. We have a September, January and April start dates.  Classes are held two weekends per month (Classical Homeopathy classes and Medical Health Science courses) from 9:00am5:00pm

In addition, each student has an individualized independent learning program that is specifically tailored to them.  This comes with one-on-one tutorial support as required by each student.  

The clinical internship is an integral part of the entire professional program.  Our students can begin observing in clinic as soon as they begin the professional training program.

This blended program has allowed us to accelerate yoru progress through the program without sacrificing any of the content that has made OCHM the most rigorous and elite Homeopathic training program in Ontario.

No other school offers this! 

A fully online training program is available to student who live outside of the GTA.  We like to make all options available to our students for the best possible learning outcome regardless of where you are located.

Should you be exempt from any of our classes as a result of previous training, this will be reflected in your schedule upon acceptance.

The OCHM teaching clinic has proven very successful in serving our community. Although our students are welcome to refer patients to the clinic, OCHM provides live patients to meet the clinical requirements for each student. We currently have over 5000 patient files on record and a waiting list of 2-4 weeks for a patient to see our student practitioners.  

Clinical internship at OCHM is a scaffolded experience, starting with paper and video recorded cases, then observation of live cases, followedby live patient case taking under the careful supervision and support of our senior clinicians.  Our students gain the much needed experience that is needed to become successful and competent Homeopaths.  

OCHM is the only school that offers this type of clinical training.  The experience of clinic, provides our students with the experience they needs to launch their own successful Homeopathic Careers on completion of the program.

Our Homeopathy courses are extensive and each one builds on the information from the previous one. Below is a very brief description of each of the Homeopathy modules. Detailed course outlines with learning outcomes are provided at the start of each course.

HOM101 - Homeopathy & Therapeutics: Foundations of Homeopathy, Clinic 1 & Anatomy and Physiology

Our prerequisite program includes the above courses, which teach you the fundamental principles and philosophy of Classical Homeopathy, introduce you to clinical case analysis and covers Anatomy and Physiology.  These courses will prepare you to begin the Professional Diploma Program.  

Using Hahnemann’s Organon of the Medical Art, 6th edition, as our root text, this course will focus on the principles and philosophy of classical homeopathy. Students will be introduced to the art of case taking and become familiar with the core materia medica.

Module: KENT, HOM201 - Homeopathy & Therapeutics: Advanced Foundations of Homeopathy & Health and Medical Science 1

The lectures, case studies, tests and assignments in this module are designed to assist students in grasping and applying the fundamental concepts of classical homeopathy. The goal for the student is to achieve a high level of competency, particularly in case taking and philosophy, enabling their application of the knowledge acquired towards the understanding of the homeopathic process. This course builds on the Foundations of Homeopathy. Therapeutics, repertorization, organon and casetaking are the keystones in this course.

The Medical Sciences included in this module are: Pathology, Laboratory Analysis, Regulation, Biochemistry and Nutrition

Module: HERRING, HOM301 Homeopathy & Therapeutics: Advances in Homeopathy & Helath and Medical Science 2

Students entering the Advances in Homeopathy course already have a solid foundation in the principles of classical homeopathy. This course will concentrate on building a deeper understanding of those concepts introduced thus far.

Knowledge of materia medica will be furthered by the teaching of remedies through family groupings. Case taking skills and development will continue to be emphasized. Students will develop methods of case taking that will lead to a more clear perception of a patient's state. Students will continue and complete the study of the Organon.  There is also a focus on Homeopathic Pathophysiology in this module.

The Medical Sciences included in this module include: Psychology, Physical Examination and Nutrition.
Module: CFSH, HOM401 - Homeopathy & Therapeutics and Advanced Analysis: Explorations in Homeopathy & Helath and Medical Science 3 

Explorations in homeopathy will look at bringing current homeopathic issues into the lectures. Discussions concerning new remedies, psychotherapeutic applications and up to date research regarding the physical evidence of potentization will be presented.

This course will continue to broaden the students knowledge in Homeopathic Therapeutics by focusing study on Materia Medica and family groupings of remedies. An in-depth look into remedies as well as their relationship to other remedies (family groupings).

The Medical Sciences included in this module include: Pharmacology, Symptomatology, Differential Diagnosis and Emergency Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Botany and Integrated Modalities

CLIN 1, 2, 3 and 4 - Clinical Internship

Hours: 305

Students are required to apply their academic knowledge through clinic, and take cases under the direct supervision of the faculty in our full time teaching clinic. With 305 hours of clinical application, this course provides a vital foundation for the development of homeopathic practitioners.

Students hone their homeopathic skills in the Teaching Clinic of OCHM where they interact with patients and develop an understanding of case taking and case management using a collaborative approach. Refer to the Clinic Handbook for details about clinical internship requirements.

School of Homeopathy USA

At OCHM these clinical skills are honed under the watchful eyes of experienced Homeopaths with a minimum of 8 years Supervisory experience and years of practical clinical experience in private practice. Several of our Supervisors are also medically trained doctors or hold designations in other Healthcare Professions, further enriching the students’ clinical experience with their diverse expertise and highlighting the benefits of inter-disciplinary collaboration.

International guest Supervisors often grace the OCHM student clinic to lend novel insight and training. Students are also privy to observing Supervisor-taken cases, gaining exposure to a wide variety of approaches to Classical homeopathic case-taking. 
Under the supervision of an experienced Homeopath, the classical homeopathic case-taking is conducted by a student case-taker. A post case discussion follows, in which the supervisor provides insight and ensures that the student has obtained all information necessary from the patient. The student then completes a full case work up of the case which includes a full set of rubrics: case analysis, repertorization, remedy selection and differential diagnoses.

The student then meets with the supervisor for a second time to discuss the case work up before seeing the patient for the remedy pick up. The student’s work is submitted to the supervisor and the supervisor then evaluates and assesses the work and provides both written and oral feedback to the student. OCHM has a comprehensive evaluation sheet that the supervisor must fill out and provide a mark for so that each student is evaluated objectively on all aspects of each case that they take. This formal clinical training exposes the student to a vast array of acute and chronic conditions and cultivates independent case management.   
Our clinic is conveniently located on the Danforth and is equipped with a large on-site dispensary of Homeopathic remedies. Patients receive excellent care by senior students under the supervision of a classically trained experienced Homeopath. As the only not- for- profit Homeopathic Educational institution, OCHM is dedicated to providing high quality treatment at a very affordable rate to all of our patients. 

While students are encouraged to bring patients to the clinic to complete their internship, OCHM advertises our services and provide all patients to our students.  The clinic is equipped with Wifi and students have complimentary access to Radar, MacRep and ISIS Homeopathic software while on school premises. 

  •  2 receptionists
  •  Clinic Coordinator
  •  Supervisors with a minimum of 5 years clinical experience
  •  Senior Supervisors with a minimum of 15 years clinical experience
  •  Observation module
  •  Consultation rooms
  • Classroom


Clinical training can commence at any time and an individualized program will be created that will entail Pre-clinical or Clinical observation, or a combination of both depending on the individual’s requirements.   
Our Homeopathy and Health and Medical Science courses are extensive and caefully designed to teach our students how to be competent and successful health professionals.  If you would like to know the details of what is taught within each of our classes, give us a call and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

2080 Danforth Ave, TORONTO, ON M4C 1J9 (416) 535-5995