In Scientia Veritas, in Arte Honestas

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline for application?

We encourage students to apply as soon as they are ready to embark on this exciting and life changing journey toward a fulfilling career in Homeopathy.  Our students are requested to apply before August 1, for September enrollment and before December 1, for January enrollment.  Applications received after these dates, may not be processed on time for the current intake and may be subject to late application fees if expedited processing is necessary. 

What are the prerequisites for the OCHM Diploma Program?

Successful completion of grade 12 chemistry and biology courses from an accredited Ontario high school or equivalent. Two or three years of university or college from Ontario accredited schools or equivalent or a Bachelor degree is strongly recommended.  Special circumstances and mature students are always considered. 

What are the prerequisites for the OCHM Certificate Course?


What if I do not meet the necessary prerequisites?

Students not meeting the above mentioned prerequisites, may apply for acceptance to the diploma program under the special student status.  Your life  and work experience will be assessed during the application process and personal interview. You must be a minimum of 21 years old to apply via special student status.  Please contact admissions office for details.

What is the tuition payment schedule?

Tuition fees may be paid in full, on registration day or in 3 instalments  (August, December and April) before each term. An administration fee will  be added to instalment payments. The $500 deposit required upon acceptance will be credited towards tuition fees

What is the time commitment for the program?

Classes are held every other weekend(Saturday and Sunday 9-5) and 1-2 evenings per week (Monday and/or Tuesday 6-10 p.m).  Clinical internship is completed based on the student’s personal availability during specific weekdays and evenings and weekends.  This allows for flexibility to complete the clinical internship portion of the program.

Can I work while I am a student at OCHM?

With you in mind, our program is uniquely tailored to accommodate the activities of your busy lives.  Many of our students have a full time or part time job while studying at OCHM.  Some Students also have full time family obligations. We support you by scheduling classes on weekends and evenings to accommodate those students with busy professional and personal lives.

Why should I choose OCHM?

We work with you and provide you the means to become a successful Homeopath.  Read "Why OCHM is the right school for you"

What does regulation mean for my future career?

Read "How does regulation of homeopathy affect you"

Is there any financial aid available?

There are scholarships and bursaries available. Please contact student affairs office for details.

What job opportunities are available upon successful completion of the program?

There are always job postings listed on various boards around the school, OCHM also sends out emails with various opportunities for Homeopaths as they arise.  Also listed are exclusive discounts for our students and learning opportunities/seminars that are only available through our school  This wonderful career enables our graduates to work independently and as part of a team and we equip you with the tools required to land your perfect job!

2080 Danforth Ave, TORONTO, ON M4C 1J9 (416) 535-5995