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Ask our Grads

First-Class Homeopathy Training USA

OCHM is truly the school that’s “making a difference”. I graduated from OCHM in 2001 and I’ve neverlooked back.

I have built a fulfilling and successful career in part based on the OCHM education, experience and guidance. The school provides its’ students with the most intensive and extensive academic and clinical training in the study of Homeopathic Medicine.  

Its’ faculty is of the highest quality  guaranteeing a superb education in not only Homeopathy but also medical sciences.

Its Clinical education is supervised by experienced Homeopaths and Medical Doctors and is one of the best clinical training facilities for students in Canada. All of this combines to make OCHM a dynamic, progressive and challenging educational institution.  

This school laid the foundation for my successful practice and television show “Wylde on Health” on Channel CP 24 and I thank them.

For the study of Homeopathic Medicine OCHM is for you!

Bryce Wylde, B.Sc., DHMHS -

“Learning Homeopathy is truly life changing. The study of Homeopathy has had a major impact on myself and my family and has changed my point of view of disease and its treatment. A highly trained faculty makes OCHM the best place to learn “The Spirit of Homeopathy”. It is a truly wonderful learning experience and has given me the confidence to enter the fulfilling profession of Homeopathy. I am glad that I studied at OCHM.”
Mahbiz Rahbar Azad, B.Nursing, DHMHS  Graduating Class of 2007

“At OCHM I received a high quality of education in both classical Homeopathy & Health Sciences. The teachers and clinic supervisors are inspiring in their vast knowledge and passion for homeopathy. The students are diverse yet all share the bond of being committed to caring for others. The dynamic energy at OCHM is infectious. I could not imagine receiving a more complete education in a superior atmosphere than at OCHM.” 
Andrea Hauser, B.Sc., DHMHS Graduating Class of 2009

"I graduated from OCHM in 2004. The quality of the education and the exceptional experience I received from this program has helped me, not only with my professional practice but everyday life.  I truly love my profession, and know that I would not be able to have the same knowledge and confidence, without the support and guidance from every member of the OCHM faculty.  I have no hesitation in recommending this college to anyone who would like to take on a rewarding education in homeopathic medicine."
Denise Downey, DHMHS Graduating Class of 2004  

“My experience at OCHM has provided me with all the qualifications and skills required to become a successful homeopath. At OCHM I received intensive training in the study of homeopathy, properly balanced with the knowledge of health sciences, which are a must for any practitioner.

I truly believe OCHM has an excellent internship program which allows all graduating students to gain confidence and experience as practitioners. The teaching faculty was very approachable and helpful throughout my years at the college. I would definitely recommend OCHM to anyone pursuing a career in homeopathy.”  

Sobiha R. Osman, BA, RNCP, DHMHS Graduating Class of 2006

If you are seriously committed to helping people to find the path to restore and /or maintain health by treating the whole person in a gentle, natural way, you want to become a homeopath. Homeopathy is the world’s most frequently used medical modality of complementary/alternative medicine; according to the World Health Organization.

What do you need to become a good homeopath? Deep knowledge and understanding of the art of homeopathy, solid knowledge in health sciences, dedication to learning, intense love and passion for what you do, desire to help, a big heart and the abilities to observe, listen and never judge. At OCHM you acquire some of these qualifications and get inspired to develop the others. How so? OCHM is a school that has gone a long way thanks to its staff and faculty, a group of highly dedicated people always keeping abreast with issues about regulation, protection of homeopathy and the public, and high standard education.

The director of homeopathy is a great homeopath and an excellent teacher –you don’t want to miss any second of her classes. Homeopathy is also taught by other qualified homeopaths with great experience and willingness to share their knowledge.

Be prepared to study hundreds of remedies for each exam…while learning about toxicology, anatomy etc. etc. The school invites world renowned masters of homeopathy e.g. I had the opportunity to attend seminars by Dyvia Chhabra, Sunil Anand, Alize Timmerman and in October of this year Vermeulen will be among us. What is the best at OCHM? Clinic experience that involves patients, knowledgeable supervisors, your colleagues, the administration staff and the 1700 hours of clinic required for graduation.

Yes, it seems a never ending process but it is what makes all the efforts worthwhile and it is what allowed me to open my private practice with confidence and with several patients who came with me from OCHM. After completion of an intense three-year program you have great friends, have learned to be a good homeopath and have enough soft and hard tools to accomplish your mission of helping people to heal and be able to reach their goals in life.

Clara Lopez-Amaya, Ph.D., D.H.M.H.S. Graduating Class of 2009

Graduating Class of 2001”I had the incredible opportunity to receive my homeopathic education and training through the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. After graduating in 2002, I ventured out into the world as a professional Homeopath.

Although I was new to the practice, I emerged from school with the confidence of a well-seasoned practitioner, and for this I am so grateful to OCHM. Throughout my years at OCHM, I was not only given a solid foundation of homeopathic and medical theory, but even more importantly, I developed a solid foundation of clinical practice and patient management, the true tools every professional Homeopath needs.

Through the rigorous clinical internship at OCHM, I was able to apply what I was learning, see the power of homeopathic medicine with my own eyes (not just through books), and facilitate the physical and emotional healing of so many patients, all of which propelled me forward with ease into my professional career. For me, it was the in-depth medical sciences and the extensive clinical practice that set OCHM apart from other homeopathic schools in Toronto. My experience was so well-rounded and thorough, and I can say with conviction that OCHM gave me the skills necessary to become a successful Homeopath.

I own the Bloor West Homeopathic and Wellness Clinic in Toronto's west end, where I run my private practice. I am continually amazed by the profound impact Homeopathy has on my patients, both physically and emotionally.

I have also raised my four children strictly on Homeopathic medicine  (no antibiotics/conventional drugs of any kind)- they are twelve years of living proof that homeopathy works as primary health care!  For anyone considering a career in homeopathy, I highly recommend OCHM and would be happy to provide more specific feedback about the profession or the College. Please feel free to contact me at 416 588-0400 or email me at “  

Heather Osler, DHMHS Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine Clinic Owner - Bloor West Homeopathic and Wellness Clinic Graduating Class of 2002

I graduated from OCHM three years ago and firmly believe that becoming a Homeopath and attending OCHM was two out of the top three decisions that I have ever made. OCHM gave me a solid foundation in Homeopathy and nurtured my curiosity and love of learning. Being taught by successful and passionate local Homeopaths and attending lectures by Homeopaths from around world make this curriculum for learning Homeopathy a truly joyful experience. Another benefit I received from attending this school is that you graduate with clinical experience. I cannot imagine not having had those valuable two years of supervised case taking. OCHM gave me the space to find something that works very well for me and my patients to develop my own individuality as a skilled Homeopath, something that I hope to continue to do for the rest of my life. I fell in love with Homeopathy at OCHM and the love affair continues. It’s a school making the world a better place one graduate at a time.
Joy Burlton, B.Sc., DHMHS Graduating Class of 2006

First-Class Homeopathy Training Toronto,

“To learn homeopathy at OCHM with the many wonderful supervisors has truly been a privilege.

The value of the knowledge is incomparable, and will always be used in my practice. I can feel confident that OCHM has given us the experience and tools necessary.

The students, staff and faculty have been encouraging and supportive and I would recommend OCHM to anyone looking for a well-rounded knowledge base in homeopathy and excellence in clinical training!”
Sharlini Udaykumar, ND, DHMHS  Graduating Class of 2013

2080 Danforth Ave, TORONTO, ON M4C 1J9 (416) 535-5995